Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project Life - Week 2

So, even though I have kept up with actually documenting and completing Project Life, I obviously have not been as good about updating it on the blog when I finish. So, I'm hoping to catch up this weekend, and then do better about staying up to date with it! 

Week of: January 6 - January 12

What Happened This Week: It was all about finishing up winter break (unfortunately), and going back to work. We had Staff Development on the first Monday back, so we had one more day student free before they arrived again. I got gas for my car for the millionth time this school year (I hate the drive), had another basketball game as a middle school cheer sponsor, recorded some Outfits of the Day, and had an impromptu dinner date at Olive Garden. 

Anything Special in the Spread?: Not necessarily "special." Honestly, this week was a little bit dull, at least compared to some others. It was back to work, which means less time to do things that I really wanted to do, instead of needed to do. I did more journaling, which I'm enjoying more and more.

Techniques This Week: I'm getting really into the embellishing thing, especially when it comes to my photos. Last year, for the few weeks I did accomplish (oops) I just slid the pictures in and did not do anything to them. Embellishing is making things so much more enjoyable for me. I'm also having fun color coordinating everything. 

Well, that is about it for week 2. Today, I am celebrating my 24 birthday, and have had a great day so far. I managed to finish reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and it was incredible. Tomorrow, I'm helping my mom put together a gender reveal party for my brother and his wife, and I'm thrilled to find out if I will have a niece or nephew. 

Happy weekend!

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