Saturday, January 4, 2014

101 IN 1,001

I've decided to join in and create a list of 101 things I would like to complete in 1,001 days (approximately 2.75 years). I feel like this is a great way to set goals, but also be able to make progress because they aren't TOO far in the future. I was inspired by the blog a southern style, and encourage you to participate as well!

Start Date: January 5, 2014
End Date: October 2, 2016

1. Come up with 101 things (which was harder than expected!) [1/4/14]

2. Encourage others to create their own 1001 list
3. Do well on my GRE [June 2014]
4. Get accepted in grad school
5. Receive my Masters
6. Receive my certificate in School Librarianship
7. Get a different job [June 2014]
8. Read one book a month for a year [Obviously this will be done! ha]
9. Journal about the books I read 
10. Complete Project Life 2014
11. Learn to play pool correctly
12. Go on more dates
13. Go to Washington D.C.
14. Buy a dining room table/chairs
15. Decorate the house more
16. Grow a garden
17. Journal more in 2014
18. Complete the backyard
19. Eat healthier
20. Exercise at least twice a week
21. Find ten new dinner recipes
22. Try 5 new restaurants around our town
23. Keep up with One Little Word
24. Begin an art journal
25. Write 10 chapters of my first novel
26. Have a short story published
27. Find 5 new bands to listen to
28. Find a new show to enjoy, and watch a whole season [Modern Family]
29. Go to a drive-in theater
30. Meet an author that I like
31. Make another quilt
32. Find three new authors that I enjoy
33. Donate clothes every 6 months
34. Take more pictures (try for 1 every day)
35. Go on a picnic
36. Get a bike
37. Get my ESL certification
38. Take a yoga class
39. Re-read all 7 Harry Potter books
40. Post Outfits of the Day on the blog
41. See my best friend once a year
42. Go to a Halloween party
43. Host Thanksgiving at our house
44. Bake a cake from scratch
45. Make different smoothies at home
46. Teach Sirius "shake"
47. And "stay"
48. Have a cookout with our families in the summer
49. Expand our family
50. Make ten projects from Pinterest
51. Go to a concert
52. See a movie at the Studio Movie Grill
53. Don't go more than a week without blogging
54. Go OUT for my birthday instead of staying in [1/17/14]
55. Buy a GOOD camera
56. Send at least twenty letters via snail mail
57. Acquire the rest of the seasons of Law & Order: SVU
58. Start collecting the seasons of Cold Case
59. Do another marathon/run
60. Take a spin class
61. Buy a new iPod
62. Be a contributor on someone else's blog
63. Donate blood
64. Volunteer for an organization
65. Visit the new Perot museum in Dallas
66. Have a design made for my blog
67. Complete the 52 weeks of lists
68. Buy a new Vera Bradley purse
69. Send out Christmas cards one year
70. Find the perfect LBD
71. Send mom flowers randomly [Was actually chocolate covered strawberries, yum!]
72. Take dad out to dinner
73. Learn calligraphy
74. Improve my handwriting
75. Get a massage
76. Buy prescription sunglasses
77. Have family pictures taken this fall
78. Buy a new painting for over the fire place [Jan 2014]
79. Go to the Farmer's Market once every 6 months
80. Take a cooking class
81. Take a cake decorating class
82. Make a new cheesecake from scratch
83. Begin selling Mary Kay
84. Make Smore's bars again
85. Make time for a bubble bath once a month
86. Learn to make Sangria
87. Find a wine I really like
88. Eat from a food truck
89. Buy a fire pit
90. Give up sweets for 2 weeks
91. Grow an indoor herb garden
92. Go on a road trip
93. Go to the beach
94. Get a "23" tattoo
95. Dye my hair back to brown, and leave it that way
96. Go to the State Fair
97. Carve pumpkins
98. Finish our gallery wall
99. Make 5 blogging friends
100. Don't spend money Jan-Feb 2014
101. Complete this list, then make another!

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