Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Summer...

This summer has certainly been a crazy one for the two of us (three now, I suppose, since we added the pup to the mix). We began looking for a house at the end of last school year, at the beginning of May we found a house that we were in love with, and decided to sign a contract in hopes of buying it. The houses in the area we were looking were going in five days at most, and we knew we would have to act fast, even though the house had only been on the market for two days. I am happy to say that everything went pretty smoothly, and by the end of June the house was ours! We did have our apartment until September, so we decided to wait a month to move in, that way we could get everything together. We have been living in the house for a couple of weeks now, and while it's a big change being in a nice area, we love the house.

I really did love our apartment. We found it pretty soon after Michael had received his job the previous summer. We were able to make it look very nice, and even though we had a second bedroom, it was pretty tight. The second bedroom was more of a craft room/storage room, so it was often a bit of a mess. Now, we have a five bedroom house, so we should have plenty of storage and room to grow into. (Notice our new addition in the picture above, that was the weekend we adopted Sirius....the same weekend we moved. Yeah, timing was a bit hectic!) Overall, I am very happy with what the summer has brought us, and I do look forward to what life brings us from here.