Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Life - Week 1

This year, I would definitely like to start posting my Project Life posts here. Not only is this for other people to be able to see (and possibly get some inspiration), but also to keep me accountable for staying up to date with it. So far, I have had a blast working on my album already this year, and I hope those are feelings that continue as the year progresses. I know it is still early on, but I am hoping for the best. So, here we go, Project Life 2014 - Week 1! (Sorry about the bad pictures, all taken on the iPhone).

The left side mostly consists of the beginning of the week, and a couple of things that will probably always be in my spreads. The first being the title card in the top left hand corner. Last week I was very simple with these title cards, and i plan to make them much more interesting this time around, so I am very excited about that. Of course, after realizing that I forgot to put the dates on the title card, I added the orange card below it. (If you haven't noticed, I LOVE using ampersands. We have a few around our house, too).

Still on the left: wrote about how we spent our first week of the new year, which mostly consisted of doing some sparklers in the street out front, taking down all of the Christmas decorations, and painting the dining room. I have started to embellish my pictures this year as well after being inspired by others. Last year I just threw them in pockets and was not thrilled with the outcome.

I love the colors that ended up appearing on the right side this week. Last year was my first year of Project Life, and I did not really follow along with anyone else to see what they were doing. I was always so frustrated trying to decide which cards to use, and I never even thought about trying to color coordinate my spreads (sad, I know). I am SO glad my eyes have been opened up to this though, and I plan to continue it through the year.

On this side, I mostly talked about how I received my Silhouette Cameo and started playing around with it (yay!), and also my start to using the clear, cling stamps. (I had no idea how to use them until I began looking up tutorials about it!) I also used a flair badge that says "Win" due to my husband allowing me to purchase the Cameo! That rice cooker right there rocks, too!

To end the week, I included a picture I used of MANY journaling cards because I had such a hard time deciding what to use on my title page, as well as a snap shot of the blog here. I'm really intent on posting more tot he blog this year, so I found it important to include a picture to help remind me. Besides that, I love that the "Life is Beautiful" showed up on the post as well, I think that it definitely adds to the picture.

Well, there we are, week 1! Most of what I used is from Studio Calico, but I do throw in some things that I find at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnns. :]

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